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Apollo Fertiliser Queensland Ltd.

apf-logoApollo Fertilisers are the only manufacturer in Australia with the compound fertiliser technology. The Nu-TrioTM range contains a complete package of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium Calcium and Trace Elements.

The manufacturing plant is based in Brisbane, Queensland and will expand its distribution to other Australian states in the near future.

The company will utilise its integration technology and spray granulation technology to manufacture a high quality range of compound fertilisers to meet the demands of Australian Horticulture, Cropping, Sugar and Turf producers. The Apollo range of compounds are marketed under the Nu-TrioTM banner.

Apollo will rely on science and technology to establish the Nu-TrioTM brand in the Australian Agriculture market working on the values of integrity, quality and development. Minimum order custom blends can be formulated and manufactured to meet the demands of our customers. Please contact Apollo Fertiliser or its dealers to discuss any custom compound requirements.